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“After in-depth research, the original logo was given a modern update and available to all devices”

Colin Alain CEO of Monabanq







Become even simpler and more human when you are an online bank is a great challenge that cannot be met with advertisements only. Welcome to Be Dandy agency, which has visually reflected the iconoclastic positioning: “people before money” in a new visual territory that expresses the brand’s simple and ethical choices. Belonging to the Crédit Mutuelle Group, Monabanq is the only online bank in France to develop an offer dedicated to everyone. Innovative, direct, simple, Monabanq is a bank which was able to concentrate on everyone and not only the upper class.



Be Dandy agency purified the visual identity from its slag. The visual identity becomes simpler, more readable, stronger, undoubtedly the most visible of all online banks. The duotone play of the identity is maintained to enhance this iconoclastic conjugation, the term Mona, such as the first name and the term Banq, such as the institution.

Extract of the strategic and semiotic diagnostic


In a context of profound changes – a general climate of mistrust of banks with the spectre of 2008, the multiplication of scandals combined with structural changes in the banking sector such as disintermediation – Monabanq must reinforce the strong promise that commits the brand to an almost militant ethical field.

Unlike most online banks in France, Monabanq does not focus its discourse on simplifying banking through digital use. This practical-practical prerequisite gives way to a discourse of values: Monabanq is accessible to everyone, regardless of income or lifestyle. This position is radically different from other online banks and major banking groups. This brand territory, if developed throughout Monabanq, can generate a strong attachment to the brand, Thus, Monabanq must materialise this ethical commitment both in its branding, design and its offer and services.

“Logo redesign for the Monabanq brand. After in-depth research, the original logo was given a modern update and available to all devices. It’s been a few years and we’re still using our logo.”

Colin Alain, CEO – March 15th 2021

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