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« Be Dandy team demonstrated a strategic approach that was incredibly thorough and remarkably creative »


Matthieu Benoit Head of Marketing, Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd  


M, MCB Private Banking


Brand strategy
Brand creation
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The leading bank in Mauritius since 1838, MCB Group stands at the crossroads of the continents. While the commercial bank is a reference for many Mauritians, its private bank, MCB Private Banking, wanted to address a more affluent international clientele.
We drew on this Mauritian DNA to create an exclusive and aspirational territory specific to the private banking segment.

An upmarket and exclusive territory


To distinguish M from commercial banking and move upmarket, we chose to create a territory specific to the demands and high-end image of private banking. We imagined a holistic and organic identity as our agency was commissioned for the naming, brand platform, tone of voice, visual identity, brand film, design of marketing tools and artistic direction of the global brand.

An organic bank that values people and natural wealth


The territory of M was designed in such a way as to distinguish it from purely statutory private banks. The new identity capitalises on an inspired realism as well as an open and elegant stance. The objective: to address high net worth individuals by making them aware of the positive impact they can have on the world. This approach is based on a paradigm shift, which we implemented: at M MCB Private Banking, wealth no longer refers only to material assets, but also to the lasting values that we share with the world. Each portfolio of the private bank thus becomes a person whom it supports in their aspirations.

The whole identity embodies this change. The new name, « M », symbolises balance and conveys an exclusive aura while creating a subtle link to the parent brand and to Mauritius. The logo, designed as a flower that blossoms and a compass rose that guides, places M under the aegis of inspirational banks. Those who value individuals and create virtuous ecosystems. The colours represent a return to the origins of the brand by moving away from tourist clichés: instead of azure and tropical colours, we chose the hues of African lands and local crafts. The discourse blows brings a breath of fresh air into the field of private banking by encouraging wonder and opening up new perspectives. This collaboration culminated in the creation of an aspirational brand film that conveys M’s distinctive values on screen.

The new identity of M MCB Private Banking was successfully revealed to employees as well as existing clients of MCB Private Banking at the end of 2020. The public launch of the new brand is planned for 2021.

« We asked BeDandy to help us rebrand our private bank with a new identity and marketing concept. Aside from constant, involved and meticulous support, Be Dandy team demonstrated a strategic approach that was incredibly thorough and remarkably creative. Working with them is a wonderful adventure. »

Matthieu Benoit, Head of Marketing, Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd – le 17 mars 2021

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