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Brand advising [EN] -

Here’s how brand advising works :

1. Presentation of your project and formulation of your problematic that we treat in teleconsultation, 15 min
2. Questions from our management to rebound and refine, 10 min
3. Our ideas, advice, feedback and leads to address your issue, 25 min
4. Summary of what you have retained and what suits you after the consultation to ensure that the most strategic advice has been understood, 10 min

Payment, transfer must be effective before the teleconsultation.
Until then, if you have any questions, do not hesitate,

The Be Dandy team
01 40 21 03 11

Please send the presentation or elements related to your issue to quick@bedandy.fr

Our creative or strategy director will address your project, concern or issue in a one-hour session.

Thank you for your time,
The Be Dandy Team