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The Events branch of the Paris Society group, the leader in the Parisian hospitality sector, is revolutionising corporate events with a new range of packaged evenings: OSE, One Shot Experience.


Paris Society Events

Transform Awards - 2023 Silver Award, Best use of typography, OSE

Transform Awards - 2023 Silver Award, Best expression of a brand on social media channels, OSE


Identité visuelle
Ton of voice
Motion Design
Social Media

The Be Dandy agency worked on strategy creation, brand identity and the digital plan (social media and dedicated website) in order to give meaning to parties by revealing the unifying potential of this new brand, which proudly proclaims its boldness.

Sensory awakening: making meetings happen

While the corporate reception market is dominated by bespoke offerings that emphasise the prestige of the services provided, Paris Society Events aims to assert its vision of parties as warm and liberating experiences. Inspired by the group’s convivial DNA, the branding agency has put interaction at the heart of an inclusive experience on a human scale, which plays on sensoriality, mystery and illusion to create a bond between participants. The paradigm is thus turned upside down in order to humanise and activate the party, making every participant an active player, contrary to the conventional statutory protocols of the sector.

Polymorphous: a dynamic and affirmed identity

In order to illustrate the uniqueness and adaptation of each experience to the venue where it will take place, Be Dandy has developed a polymorphous visual system based on multitude. Twelve logos featuring the OSE acronym in twelve different typefaces have been created, to be combined with ten colours whose tones are inspired by the seasons and the rainbow. The numerous combinations bring to mind exploration and play, central elements in the dynamic of OSE evenings, while highlighting the diversity of experiences offered.

The expressivity of this new identity is balanced by an understated sans serif typeface that structures the originality of the various logos. A monogram, which revisits in one stroke the forms of the three letters in the acronym OSE in the style of a tattoo, unifies the system by adding a cryptic, community-spirited and exclusive touch. Discover this new identity online in September on the new website made by Be Dandy.

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