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Paprwork is a 100% French digital assistant enabling professionals to share data securely that called upon our branding agency to give it a new identity. Be Dandy has rebranded it and renamed it Nestor.




Visual Identity

From tool to assistant


Paprwork is a data sharing and storage platform which relieves legal, financial, property and business professionals of tedious and tiresome administrative tasks. But instead of highlighting the solution’s ingenuity, it focused on the negatives (paperwork, discouragement, time-consuming tasks etc.).


The agency’s challenge: transform the brand to highlight the emotional benefits of its game-changing technology. In a world of connected companies, Nestor puts the magic back into working life. Be Dandy has brought security and humanity together to rebrand the tool as an assistant, fuelled by relationships, hard work well done and French “joie de vivre”. Nestor makes interactions matter and creates a supportive relationship between mankind and technology, for improved communication in a pleasant and protected space.

An encapsulated and colourful world


Nestor’s brand identity is based on the figure of a butler. The butler encapsulates trust and high standards, is famous for its assistance and ability to know what you need before you do. Be Dandy came up with the name Nestor (“nest” and “store”) to capture the close and loyal relationship with a bold French touch.


The visuals ram home the brand’s French heritage: crisp blue-white-red colour codes that appear in the brand logo. A heart and trombone come together to reflect the marriage between professionalism and affection. Its never-ending weave pattern highlights the creation of a network of connections made possible by communication. Last but not least, the logo’s clear and curvy typography captures a close yet professional relationship, just like a real personal assistant.