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Bloch Consulting has unveiled its brand new identity designed in partnership with Be Dandy. The branding agency was the only business Bloch Consulting wanted to work with to overhaul its positioning and visual identity to match its ambitions. The in-depth work that has gone into this significant transformation showcases the company’s unique approach to recruitment and professional development.


Bloch Consulting


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Visual identity

Bloch Consulting has focused on achieving the perfect balance between candidate aspirations and company objectives ever since it was founded. Its vision is based on the belief that feeling fulfilled at work fuels progress and growth. It also applies to sport and lifestyle, as both areas share the same demand and passion.

Be Dandy built a philosophy based on four key values to capture this unique take on recruitment: acuity, trust, freedom and intensity. These values apply to the selection and presentation of candidates with the same vision as the company. Their personal experience is put in the spotlight, not just their CVs.

Bloch Consulting’s new slogan “Pour que chacun trouve sa place” (so everyone can find their place) captures their promise. Because feeling fulfilled at work is mainly down to finding your place with the right skills for the job, the same values as your team and passion for your work.

The new logo is a subtle symbol representing the company’s missions. The striking lines are inspired by sport whilst the binoculars bring to mind the precision and personal approach that go into every collaboration. The monogram also features Bloch Consulting’s initials to drive home the company’s unique identity.