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Jubilé is fuelled by its belief that there’s no age limit when it comes to living life to the full. The pioneering and positive Jubilé loan enables seniors to stay in control of their life. The Be Dandy branding agency was inspired by their vision and helped Jubilé to design a vibrant and confident brand identity.




Visual Identity

A loan that gives seniors back their decision-making power 


Jubilé is based on equity release to provide seniors with an ethical, transparent and affordable finance solution that gives them the independence they need to make their plans a reality. Be Dandy drew on the many meanings of the word “Jubilé” (both celebration and fulfilment) to design a brand strategy based on the positive concept of freedom. The branding stands out from the crowd in an often belittling or distant market.


Jubilé is in tune with modern times and enables seniors to take back control of their life: live well, fulfil their aspirations, play their part. Be Dandy helped Jubilé to showcase its enthusiastic new energy: a positive position for a liberating loan.

Embodying a new golden age


The agency designed a vibrant and personable identity to embody this positive and approachable position. The colour combination of Jazzberry Jam and Tropical Blue is a breath of fresh air that’s rare in the market. The choice of colours underlines Jubilé’s modern vision for seniors.


The idea behind the visuals was to put seniors centre stage rather than in supporting roles. They are depicted living their lives in an everyday and natural setting. A supportive and aspirational existence.


The same promise of vitality reappears in a symbolic logo.  The signature rainbow brings to mind the horizon whilst its coil spring design captures the sense of bouncing back in life. The understated and crisp logo joins forces with warm secondary typography to bring essential balance to the financial body that is Jubilé.


In terms of both its identity and its product, the Jubilé loan is all about celebrating life.