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« Be Dandy brought out what H.theoria struggled to express. A clear maieutic which enabled us to be clearer and restructure the concept. The creative work that followed was exciting.”

Marlène Staiger Co-Founder de H.Theoria


Paris, France

Club des Directeurs Artistiques – 2021 Bronze Award, Design branding, packaging, H.Theoria


Brand strategy
Social Media

Known for its provocative and poetic DNA, H.THEORIA is reinventing liqueur with know-how borrowed from the world of perfume. We worked to promote the brand’s distinctive approach by turning H.THEORIA into an existential promise.

A narrative approach to liqueur


Since it began, H.THEORIA has defied the conventions of the liqueur market with its novel ingredients and skill at blending. We drew on these distinctive features to identify the H.THEORIA experience, which we then made central to its positioning and identity. The liqueur range was reworked so each bottle would visually embody the journey of the senses that its flavour allows. The agency was assigned to work on the brand strategy through a brand platform; on the visual identity by reworking the brand and bottles; and on the verbal identity with a manifesto and brand message.

A phenomenon identity promising a voyage of the soul


The strength of H.THEORIA we identified, is the narrative value of each liqueur thanks to the blend of different ingredients: sometimes it’s the countryside finding its way into an old family home, sometimes it’s the sunshine on skin at high noon. A narrative, alchemical DNA that we chose to keep in the brand’s verbal and visual identity. Its tone is imbued with mystery, its monogram flirts with esotericism, the colours invoke depth and its visuals convey hybridity and free association.
H.THEORIA’s creative know-how thus lies at the heart of its identity.

We also worked to give pride of place to the flavours, genuine phenomena that we aimed to reveal. We therefore opted for a product architecture strategy that, while remaining attached to the parent brand, could highlight the uniqueness of each liqueur. Whether it’s Amour Matador, Cuir Lointain, Midi Fauve or Electric Velvet, each liqueur has an intoxicating scent that lays the foundation for the taste story that will follow. These strong olfactory and gustatory identities are now showcased in the identity of the products, since each bottle reflects the experience into which you are about to dive.

“Three years after launching our sprits brand, we needed a complete overhaul of H.Theoria’s entire identity. We wanted to redesign our packaging and pinpoint the brand’s real values. We called on Be Dandy to give the brand a full check-up, outline a clear positioning and create a strong brand identity. The work involved in the brand’s strategy and positioning was like psychotherapy for the brand. A clear maieutic which enabled us to be clearer and restructure the concept. The creative work that followed was exciting. ”

Marlène Staiger, Co-Founder – March 2nd 2021

“Rebranding, current brand study, positioning strategy, value definition, reason for being and packaging design. Be Dandy brought out what H.theoria struggled to express.”

Camille Hédin, Founder – February 11th 2021

Photographer: François Ayme
Photographer: Lucile Godin
Photographer: Hande Yildirim

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