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After their first collaboration for the Bâton Rouge menu walked away with three awards in 2017 and 2018, the mixologist Joseph Biolatto has reconnected with Be Dandy to boost the creativity and community of the new clear ice brand he has launched with his partner Brittini Rae: The Nice Company.


The Nice Company



Creativity fuelling a specialist community business

Be Dandy has come up with a strategic approach that stays away from the standard jargon about clear ice’s purity, strength and freshness to support The Nice Company in this burgeoning market in France. Be Dandy has drawn on the brand name’s play on words and the superpowers of ice in mixology to create a joyful, creative and community position. It’s all based on a strong idea that stands out from the crowd: given its slow melt and sculptural shape, clear ice sparks game-changing emotions that turn cocktails into works of art.

The Nice Company makes every drink a unique opportunity to spend quality time together.  In line with its “Elevate your drinks” slogan, clear ice is a tool that lets “creative spirits” (drinks and people) showcase their personalities. The experience provided by tasting clear ice alone becomes collective and memorable, with a sense of an invisible community of professional mixologists, amateur cocktail makers and their guests.

A unifying visual system soaked in the cocktail world

The visual identity stays true to the concept by avoiding the standard figurative depiction of ice cubes. Instead there’s a colourful rainbow reflecting the different emotions and flavours which, just like the blends of spirits and their reflections in the ice, stack up to create other colours, flavours and feelings. The different shapes are inspired both by the clear ice moulds and ingredients used to make cocktails (orange quarters, lemon zest etc.).

Just like the colours, they come together to form an all-round pop art visual system that celebrates creativity and happy communities coming together for a drink.  Two fonts come together too: a contemporary, bold and incisive one to capture the creative side. A handwritten one to capture the community spirit key to the brand.