Take people where [1] they've never been
Does your brand express the dreams [2] within you?

We are strategists,
designers, architects.

Our agency was founded by Alix Declercq and Pierre Berget on November 1st 2010 [4] a reference to their first client, Krug, which was also founded on November 1st 1843.

As we’ve grown, [5] we’ve held onto the belief that the best way to stand out from the crowd is to be true to yourself.

Alix [3] Founder and President

Pierre [8] Founder and Creative Director

Manon [3] Associate Strategy Director

Fedor [6] Art director and architect

Amandine [6] Project manager, interior designer

Tiphaine [6] Art Director and Manufacturing

Etienne [1] Artistic and digital director

Emma [5] Strategic planner

Mickaël [5] Brand manager

Marie [5] Brand Activation

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