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Like logos, words matter. Whether it be descriptive like British Telecom, or abstract like Apple, brand names embody a business’s philosophy and values. Choose the right one and you know you’ll be recognised, stand out and appreciated. Whether you’ve got too many ideas or you’re feeling uninspired, our agency is here to help any brand outline their naming strategy and editorial charter no matter if they’re starting out or they want to rename their business.

The secrets of creating a brand name

There’s more to creating a brand name than being creative. Be Dandy always takes care to see the name in its context based on both its market and the brand ecosystem it’s designing. 
We create brand names in line with our clients’ strategic approach. We explore their project, analyse their market, trends and standards to pinpoint relevant creative avenues.

Next comes an intuitive and creative stage where we come up with moodboards to present the feelings and emotions the brand name could or should inspire.

These initial visual and narrative elements help establish the name in an atmosphere and connect it with a symbolic universe which the brand’s audience will refer to.

This stage gives our clients a direction so they’re sure they can clearly identify the message they want to convey. 
Every avenue and fantasy world is then given a series of names with explanations of their meanings, sounds, symbolic values and identification assets.

The names may be streamlined with a search on Google or at the patent office or we could contact one of our intellectual property legal partners.

Assets of a good brand name

Knowing you’ve found the right name for your brand means:

  • being clearly identified on the market
  • being memorable and raising your profile
  • clearly expressing a promise, benefit, business project or product
  • sparking emotion, an appealing imaginary world
  • going above and beyond trends and making a mark on the market for the long-term

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