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“An extraordinary 10-years book produced in record time in August.”

Joachim Azan Founder and CEO



Trophées de la communication – 2018 N°1, Corporate Edition, 10 years Book, Novaxia


Brand Content

The challenge of the agency was to introduce a new activity and render it desirable: the real estate capital development.

The founder of Novaxia is driven by a profound conviction: there is no creation of high economic value without cultural, environmental and human values. For 10 years, Novaxia has dared to transforming this unusual conviction into an activity. Be Dandy agency breathed life into the brand and chose a symbolic place to offer the 10 years book: dilapidated and abandoned the Rotschild Castle. The place has recently been acquired by Novaxia, which intends to give it a new purpose and end the 40-years long torpor.

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