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“It was consistent with the brand strategy and raised the brand’s profile. Extraordinary.”

Joachim Azan Founder and CEO of Novaxia


Novaxia Rebranding


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How to support the growth of an actor who dares the unusual by reconciling the historical markets of real estate and finance ?



Change category.

The Be Dandy agency’s challenge was to show that Novaxia has transformed its business. Change the entertaining mad scientist into an ingenious and visionary actor who counts, capable of inspiring new models. Show that Novaxia has transformed its activity. It moves the lines of the traditional real estate investment market, bringing together the best of both worlds in order to create a new way of pushing forward the cities: the real estate capital development.



The agency chose to express Novaxia’s ingenuity in an evidentiary speech. Novaxia becomes the creator and the leader of the real estate capital development. This new activity is staged in the new visual identity, in one capital letter, we can find the two activities and one profit.

Real estate + Finance = Growth

Therefore, Novaxia’s soul evolves in a visual system which embodies and brings to life with ingenuity the idea of growth on each one of the brand supports. A system of presence in the shape of a promise.

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