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“The most beautiful cocktail menus we’ve ever seen”

The Tales of Cocktails – Louisiana


Baton Rouge - 016


Production – Creation – illustration

Grand Prix Stratégies du Design Silver – Product Design – 2017

Cast a spell on traditional cocktail menus to create a new voodoo spirit imprinted object was the challenge of the Be Dandy agency.



Baton Rouge is a bar in Pigalle (Paris) which offers some of the best cocktails in the world. Born in Louisiana, the cocktail science became an art for Joseph Biolatto and Julien Escot who got inspired by their motherland to create this new destination that bewitches you. Transforming the classic cocktail menu into a voodoo object was a duty.



This isn’t a menu it’s a tarot. With its share of magic. From a manufacturing point of view, its unusual width was not feasible in traditional printing. We developed a system to make the card infinite, perpetual.
In addition, each cocktail line took shape in a voodoo divinatory tarot character. Thus, the customer chooses more his experience, the desired atmosphere than the ingredients of a recipe.  Among the benefits, thanks to Tales of The Cocktail, the world’s largest trade show for mixology, for qualifying the menu as “The most beautiful cocktail menus we’ve ever seen.”

Extracts of the cocktail menu


“Comme un ouragan” Stéphanie of Monaco, 1986
Dark Spiced Rum, Ron Havana Club 3 years, freshly pressed orange juice, pineapple and passion fruit juice, vanilla liquor and amaretto, grenadine syrup.


Pelican Milk
Pelicans are big aquatic and piscivore birds (from 105cm to 188cm), characterised by a large beak with a voluminous extensive gular pouch. Interesting isn’t it?
Bulleit Bourbon, Suprême Denoix, maple syrup with Cajun spices, organic egg yolk, organic milk, nutmeg.


Gra-nola Fizz
« We are taught to count the seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days, the years… But no one explains the value of the moment” Donato Carrisi
Genever Bols, fresh lemon juice, honey and yogurt liquor, Biolatto Orange Bitters, soda

Visit Baton Rouge, 62 rue Notre Dame de Lorette – 75009 Paris.


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