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Explore the world of Baton Rouge, which combines bestiality, witchcraft, America, savagery, Bayou, Louisiana and crystallize it into an experiential object.


Baton Rouge - 018



European Design Awards – Silver
Oslo 2018

The challenge of the Be Dandy agency was to explore the universe of Baton Rouge which mixes bestiality, witchcraft, America, savagery, Bayou, Louisiana and to crystallize it in an object-experience.



We did not want another cocktail menu on paper. We wished to be as close as possible from the idea of the place, no matter the constraints. Namely: find tanned animal skins and meet a silk-screen printer ready to push back the usual limits of his sector to scarify them. The creation is not fixed but tattooed on a living matter. As days, weeks, months go by the material will evolve in an unpredictable way, becoming rougher, softer or steeper in places.



The contradictory feelings of fear and softness blend together to nourish the aesthetics of the cocktail menu. This card uses a material never used in the world of bars and even publishing: a tanned skin. The material is caressed, the design frightens. It was all about marking the skin to mark people’s minds.

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