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“We wanted to redefine our brand platform and redesign our visual identity. Be Dandy supported us throughout, from brainstorming to getting staff on board. We have now created a more modern and appealing image of our company. The branding features are currently being rolled out.”

Thierry Legrand Associate & General director




Visual Identity

Exponens, a major business consultancy group providing audit, accountancy and consultancy, commissioned Be Dandy to oversee the brand’s transformation to reflect its new status and growth ambitions, from its positioning strategy to its new visual identity.

Unite high standards of expertise with a personal touch


Exponens has had an intensive acquisition policy in place for over 30 years to provide all its essential areas of expertise to company directors. Despite its significant expansion, the branding didn’t reflect the standard of advice or the variety of services provided by the company. Exponens is spread out to cover a multitude of affiliates and needed to recentre itself with a strong single-brand strategy to unite all its staff with a shared story.

It started out with a brand architecture project with Be Dandy to bring the group’s 8 affiliates together under a single banner. The new strategic direction is more in-depth and grounded in a new brand platform. It validates the group’s high standard of expertise whilst clearly underlining how devoted every employee is to the group’s clients, no matter their area of expertise.

Being a great leader is all about the execution, so Exponens is pragmatic in how it turns numbers into tools to help directors overcome every challenge that comes their way. (which creates an active visual identity).

Expansion as a sign of unity


Be Dandy flew in the face of the industry’s expert and management approaches to take the Exponens strategy back to its roots: the ability to unravel complexity for directors to achieve their targets no matter their position. A pragmatic service-based approach which promises to provide them with the expertise and support they need to overcome any challenge.

The new Exponens branding reflects the winning combo and is based on an iconic sign designed as a banner to capture a vision and promise to both clients and colleagues.
It takes the brand’s capital E and turns it into two interlaced hands, EƎ, positioned as an exponent on the right, towards the future. The new Exponens banner conveys all the ambition of a group that wants to lead its clients to success.

Its exponent position builds on the meaning behind the brand name “exponens”, which re-establishes its roots in the financial world with the sense of exponential movement that entails a new contemporary take on numbers. The logo is written in lower case Franca sans serif font to keep it humble, stable and precise. It gives the brand professionalism and stature whilst reflecting the customer service and efficiency Exponens has always been known for.

Two key colours were chosen for the branding to uphold the balance between being proactive and reassuring. Powerful blue is comforting in its depth whilst neon pastel yellow embodies the vibrant energy of a company focused on success. The colours form a team too and bring to life the two sides of Exponens on all its media. They help update the industry’s codes by making accounting more exciting with a focus on a real asset: success, no matter the challenge.

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