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The agency created new beauty shots to distinguish each fragrance with an identical bottle with Foah Perfumes with a soul.


Foah Perfumes with a soul


Brand territory
Product design

“[…] Just like the hours that fly by and slow down in the shade of the palm tree, each of the bottle’s facets captures the mood of a moment. The heavy and soothing glass glints with bronze, bringing to mind the fragrances’ vibrant personalities in turns. An unpredictable show where the lights of the Orient burst from the sculptural palm tree body. 

Each bottle is an oasis of dreams and desires, wrapped in a pearlescent box whose walls open into a full bloom, like the silhouette of palm trees that interlace and unveil the tree of life in the light of day. […]”


A lightning stroke and the ancient sky glows in the colour of a future that’s still untouched. The dizzying boundaries of space and time melt together to create a new kind of experience. Bulgarian and Turkish roses get together with spicy geranium and cloak themselves in the mystery of incense and the oud. A saffron accent unites the warmth of familiar leathers with the metallic maze of the unknown. Wholeheartedly oriental, absolutely indescribable.”


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