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The Be Dandy agency has relaunched Citadelle in the premium segment to assert its leadership position.




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A simple pictorial language is a language which is easily adapted to every contact points without dispersing the brand. A simple pictorial language makes it possible to be understood across nations regardless of culture. A simple pictorial language accurately conveys all the brand’s promises in a single image. Be Dandy agency pre-empted the symbolism of the striped jersey, specific to Citadelle’s universe, the French style, the Île de Ré, the fortresses on the water, the oysters enjoyed on the beach that the brand personalised with a yellow line. It evokes the lemon that zests the gin and tonic.

Brand story extract

“ […] Today, all of our friends are on the seaside, it is our own Citadelle. The sun dives into the sea, burst of laughter spreads into the air, waves crackles, the wind sweeps along fragrances of citrus fruit and aromatic plants. We blink and the sun fades behind the shadows of the lemon trees, the zests splash. We mount our bikes, we rip through the evening air to enjoy the last glimmer, to savour a last gin and tonic at the Castle, where the pleasure distills itself. Some twist on the fresh grass, others talk in the blue light. The night illuminates itself. Tomorrow we are going to take back the Citadelle again.”

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