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Why stop at a brand strategy and logo when you’re on a roll? Updating your marketing means taking care of your brand activation, ensuring that the work and investment you’ve put in reaps its rewards. Marketing activation is a powerful tool to bring brands to life and stacks all the odds in your favour.

The art of brand activation

Creating, transforming or enriching a brand is a long process with three key stages: 1. strategy, 2. creation, 3. brand activation.

The more “experiential” stage enables us to support each client in the launch or roll-out. This crucial stage is often underestimated but it’s essential to make the brand “real” to its audience.

Be Dandy has created an experience department devoted to brand activation. Our experience director, Mickael, spent 5 years working as Air France’s brand manager and now supports our clients in launching their brand, designing an activation plan and creating tools to showcase what they stand for.

The brand activation department works with strategic and creative teams and starts with the activation strategy in line with the brand’s milestones (anniversary, fundraising, product launch). This strategic approach enables us to pinpoint the most appropriate springboards and times to launch or unveil the brand.

Next, after a discussion and agreement with our clients, we choose which tools to design and make to launch and establish the brand on the market. The selection can be distributed over time to better meet each client’s needs i.e. with the brand management package.
Whether it be just the strategic and artistic aspect or up to tracking asset production, we support every brand throughout the process to give them every chance for success.

The assets of a good activation strategy

Be Dandy is here to support your activation strategies to:

  • maximise the impact of your brand
  • design, make and align your brand assets
  • embody your strategy and identity on your resources and content
  • make your brand launch or unveiling a success

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