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Just like a home’s atmosphere, a venue’s interior design influences how people visiting it see it. Interior design reflects your brand’s identity and is your company’s showcase, just like someone’s style of clothing or Instagram page reflects their personality. If you want to bring your brand to life then you need to work with a retail design or architecture agency (no matter the sector: commercial, restaurant, hospitality etc.).

The art of architecture, hotel, restaurant, retail…

No matter what a space is for, one of the main challenges in retail, hospitality or restaurant architecture is achieving visual harmony. A commercial space (hotel, restaurant, shop etc.) is a place of work but it’s also a place where people come to socialise. So people have to feel good here. And what could be better than a great setting where people can get together, buy, make, design and chat?

Updating your interior (retail or not) means designing functional and comfortable spaces by playing with volume, light, colour, materials and furniture… all these features help translate, express and enable people to experience your brand’s DNA.

Our agency's method, from design to architecture

When we help clients bring their design and architecture projects to life, our mission is to help them create spaces with a strong or unique identity with real experiences, be they enjoyable, innovative or exciting. Basically, we design functional spaces that capture the brand but are appealing and comfortable for its audiences too.

As a branding agency specialising in design and architecture, our approach is based on the brand and not the tool (as interior design is an application just like packaging and publication). What fuels us is understanding how the space is used and how to maximise it. We’re also guided by a sense of practicality and desire to make people the focus of our projects (wellness, positive experience etc.) with our constant focus on the ecological impact of sourcing. Our approach stands out for our ability to come up with a “slow living” design that doesn’t involve useless or inappropriate resources or materials. We work primarily with local suppliers with a similar eco-friendly vision and we prioritise craftsmanship, recycling and well-made products.

The assets of a branding agency for an architecture project

  • get a bespoke design that perfectly captures the brand
  • provide experiences and venues that are sustainable, unique and don’t follow fads
  • ensure all points of contact have the same brand impact

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