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“Un design singulier et différenciant, conforté par un discours de marque fort. Ils abordent chaque sujet avec une vision de marque, en nous poussant parfois dans nos retranchements mais les résultats sont toujours très positifs et cohérents.”

Arnaud Duhem CEO and founder


Les Petits Parisiens


Visual identity
Interior design

After the success of his first restaurant, Les Petits Princes in Suresnes, Arnaud Duhem is laying the table again with his chef Remy Dantez. He chose the Be Dandy agency for the graphic and architectural design of his new restaurant Les Petits Parisiens, in the 14th arrondissement in Paris.

When two worlds of pleasure and chic dining meet


When Arnaud Duhem decided to set up shop on the former site of Régalade, he inherited a whole era of bistronomy’s history. In fact, his chef Remy Dantez started out at that legendary restaurant. A question then arose: how could he establish his own universe while maintaining continuity with that of the old bistro?


Making something new out of something not so old


The architecture and identity of Les Petits Parisiens are full of references. For Pierre Berget, Creative Director at Be Dandy, it was essential to add a new twist to the bistro imaginary attached to the place in order to reconnect it to the style of Les Petits Parisiens, Arnaud and Remy, of which Les Petits Princes was the manifesto.
The visual identity reinterprets the typically Parisian graphic universe of the 30s/50s, the golden age of the bistro. The Zurich typeface chosen for the logo was inspired by the old posters and signs of the capital. The more functional Sweet typeface is used for informative text, formulated to evoke the Parisian slang of the time. Designed as a signature, the LPP monogram appears on the stationery and gives the place a recognisable identity, concentrated in a sign.

Window on the kitchen: a showcase dedicated to the pleasure of eating well


Sober and warm are two words that guided the agency when designing the restaurant’s architecture. Transforming the small size of the place into a factor of rarity and proximity, Be Dandy conceived the space as a showcase. An immersive volume whose layout creates a break between outside and inside space. In the evening, the black façade blends in with the darkness and opens like a secret window onto the theatre of the restaurant. The walls are painted in shades terracotta, a derivative of the red colour so typical of bistros. They illuminate the place with a modernist aura while the lower areas are more restful. When seated, the top priority is what’s happening on the plate. The furniture is vintage and sanded down, in fawn shades that tastefully complement the original floral tiles. These light colours counterbalance the effervescence of the glowing upper areas and the zinc counter. A subtle contrast, just like the restaurant’s cuisine, sober and generous, refined but without fuss.

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