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Our agency sees packaging as an essential part of a brand’s identity and is behind countless game-changers with award-winning designs (Cannes Lions and Club des DA). Aside from being functional, good packaging opens the doors to a sensory and spiritual world.

The art of packaging design

There are several aspects to designing the “silent salesman” to package a product: functional (storage, distribution, transport), sales (spark desire, stand out from competitors) and emotional to provide a unique buying and shopping experience. Designing great packaging goes above and beyond function to become an integral part of a brand’s identity. It captures its vision and values by quietly bringing together the brand’s signature typography, iconography, colour palette, sensory values and graphics. Packaging is an ambassador. It tells a story and invites you into its world.

The assets of good packaging design

Good packaging design is more than a tool; it’s a powerful springboard. Original, attractive, innovative, it elevates the identity, image and perceived value of a brand and its products. Seeing packaging as a driving force for value creation helps you achieve your goals:

  • Establish a brand’s values and culture in its market
  • Stand out with a strong territory that’s hard to copy
  • Provide experiences and content that enhance the brand
  • Increase the perceived value of the brand
  • Make it easier to buy or want to buy
  • Make a product into an icon: Nivea cream’s famous blue box

All the big brands capitalise on every point of contact, especially packaging. Just take Steve Jobs and his three rules for Apple: “Firstly, Apple will have a close relationship with its customers, secondly the company will focus on a small number of products but will do them well, thirdly Apple will apply its values (simplicity, quality) to everything it does, not just the products but also the packaging, store display and even press releases.” QED.

The agency's packaging inspirations, from Paris to Singapore

When you think packaging design, you think of functional styles that can adapt to any culture. Be Dandy’s creative teams scour the world for the latest trends and inventions to keep their finger on the pulse and create ever-more appealing, innovative and attractive packaging designs. Everything from materials and formats to experiences, everywhere from Seoul, New York and Tokyo to Amsterdam and Dubai, the Luxe Pack trade fair to department store aisles, our creatives gather inspiration and store it in the agency’s material library to create incredible packaging and experiences in Paris.

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