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“I’ll reinvent the rose for you”

André Breton


Maison Crivelli- Parfums Paris

Worlwide Logo Design Award – 2018 Mention Excellence, Branding, Maison Crivelli


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Maison Crivelli’s mission is to reconfigure the perfume experience by returning to the fundamentals of perfumery: raw materials and blending. This iconoclastic company unites science and the senses to create original and surprising combinations from the finest ingredients. An approach to perfume in the image of the company, which reworks the classics with audacity and modernity.



To create a unique new perfume house that will be able to emerge on the high-end market.



The agency worked with the company’s founder Thibaud Crivelli to define the brand’s territory, graphic vocabulary and language. The agency placed “the anatomy of sensations” and “perfume as a living experience” at the heart of the brand. The objective was to capitalize on the science that Maison Crivelli possesses and transform it into a strong and distinctive promise on a saturated market: that each fragrance will be an olfactory surprise, awakening new sensations and connecting irreconcilable zones. The agency defined hybridization as its territory of expression, and embodies it in all of its codes.

A unique experience that can be found at Le Bon Marché in Paris, coming soon to the rest of the world.

Excerpts from our proposed texts


“Perfume is a living experience”

 “Rose Saltifolia
Salt dunes, crystalline notes of bougainvillea and flowering laurel.  A fresh breeze, citrus zest, sparkling blood orange. A festival of silken seaweed, imperial Centifolia Rose under the sea, a flurry of wind, a ballet of pink birds.
Bois Datchai
Race to the woods, crispness of wild berries, crushed blackberries, summer time. The first to arrive. Insolent games, taste of smoky tea, campfire, tart-berried brambles, bewitching whispers, melodious reeds.”

Additional credits


Retail design – Myriam Akl Montbertin & François Saudubray
Illustrations – Mara Bourguignon
Web design – Studio Claire Marion Design
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