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Be Dandy has successfully revealed this uniqueness and an unusual business model in a new strategy and brand identity.




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A new player with an innovative model combining cutting-edge technology and storytelling, Artysium creates original virtual worlds for brands.

Emotion and technology: dual expertise revealed


At a time when virtual reality is on the rise, the development studio market is dominated by tech players who are not very sensitive to brand issues.

Founded by a specialist in luxury brands and an expert in cinema and gaming technologies, Artysium reinjects emotion into the virtual world. With this dual expertise, the company creates original virtual experiences that immerse consumers in the heart of a brand’s story or universe. Be Dandy has capitalised on this promise to build a narrative and immersive brand territory.

This strategic work is accompanied by a complete restructuring of the offering that puts the experience offered before the technological solution used:

  • Brand world extended: creation of experiences that brands already offer in the physical world, but augmented by virtual reality
  • Brand world enhanced: all the experiences that are not achievable in the real world, which opens up an infinite range of possibilities

A constellation of virtual worlds


Be Dandy has given the brand name a new amplitude by creating a logotype in capital letters, whose reworked letter spacing gives it force of impact and an embracing aspect that carries the reader away.

The typeface is thin, straight, elegant but contemporary and sharp. It is accompanied by a more classic secondary typeface with a serif, which embodies the human and creative spirit at the heart of the studio’s approach.

Artysium thus appears as an imaginary destination, a constellation in which several worlds live: those imagined for each brand.


Its visual system is made up of several spheres, symbolising the different universes the studio is able to create. These animated planets represent a key to the virtual world, which will provide a unique emotional experience for the brands’ customers.

A neutral, black and white colour scheme adds a certain elegance, allowing all the beauty and ingenuity of the stories created to be expressed.

This is magnified by a lively and embodied iconography, where the images appear narrative, blurring the boundaries between dream and reality.

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