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The Be Dandy agency worked on the storytelling of the Maison de Champagne Krug to impulse a new positioning.







Impulse a new positioning: from a traditional and elitist brand, the Maison reoriented itself to conquer a new target, more contemporary while reconnecting with its origins.

The origin of the Storyscope


More than a narrative technique, storytelling is a strategic tool that puts in three dimensions the vision of the brand.

People recount and organise themselves as societies through stories. Those stories have a function of understanding of the world. They permit to organize through a web of relations, the phenomena of reality that present themselves to man in a random way, without apparent explanations, in a precise space and time scale and in a homogenous way.

The Be Dandy agency has developed a model for structuring the narrative identity, the Storyscope©, which allows to put the platforms and positioning of the different brands into perspective and to bring them to life in the form of beautiful stories. Beautiful stories arouse attention and emotion.

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