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How to make people want a product and a shower system that does not exist yet ?




Strategy and Vision – Brand platform – Branding – Packaging and design – Product naming – Writing of the fundamentals of the brand- 360° arrangement: digital, edition, social networks



Skinjay is a start-up which transposed the experience of the spa at home, in the shower. Skinjay has invented a device that combines a micro-nebulizer and essential oil capsules to provide wellness experiences at home, on demand.

Be Dandy took up the challenge with Skinjay.



Be Dandy agency supported Skinjay from the beginning of the brand strategy until the launch of the first 8 capsules. Between evangelisation and poetry, the art was to use well-known codes to reassure and at the same time disrupt them, to infuse new magic into a well-known everyday experiment: a shower.

Skinjay’s innovation is the cornerstone of its visual system: the representation of water movements and the changing character of water mixed with verticality, specific to the Skinjay experience.  Born from the encounter between a drop of water and a drop of essential oil, it forms an S, the Skinjay monogram.

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