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Ten days to help to visually express the unusual idea of the groupement Pichet x Kerige.



Worlwide Logo Design Award – 2018 Bronze Award, Branding, Nest Pichet


Creation of keys and boxes



The Be Dandy agency’s challenge is to meet the new needs of the users and of the neighborhood. In this case, the 19th arrondissement of Paris which counts 30% of single-parent families. The suggestion is to create a new type of urban construction, a participatory co-living in phase with these new lifestyles. Thus, the challenge was to translate as accurately as possible the spirit of the project with relevant images and words to be victorious and win the place.



The agency translated the social challenge addressed by an almost maternal tone of creation, representation of the diversity of uses, mixity and different family formats, without discrimination thanks to the illustrated birds. A clever way of embodying the subject, of giving a place to everyone and especially to difference, without falling into the trap of human representation that would have raised issues of race or sex.

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