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The Be Dandy agency has devised an ingenious system for presenting its services with Norma Machines.


Norma Machines

Club des Directeurs Artistiques – 2017 Short list, Design identité visuelle, Norma Machines


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Club des Directeurs Artistiques – Short list Design – 2016

How to simultaneously express in a visual identity the robust and normative character of the industry and the flexible nature of tailor-made products?



Vincent Magniez, founder of Norma Machines, draws, designs and builds custom-made machines for the industry, whether it be food, pharmaceutical or automobile industry. Norma Machines challenges the standards and imagines solutions where traditional machines show their limits. How to express in a visual identity the whole talent of this new offer on the market?



Norma Machines has an infinite number of combinations of his logo.
The word Machines, which takes the form of the craftsman’s signature, exists in all font sizes. This signature balances the solid and institutional aspect of the word Norma. The agency also imagined an ingenious system for presenting its services via cardboard sheets, bound with a thick red elastic band recalling the idea of the logo. It appeals to Norma Machines’ professional customers. The brand signs its first orders in 2017.

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