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Be Dandy provides a new setting for contemporary art with the Weiss Foundation


The Weiss Foundation

Worlwide Logo Design Award - 2022 Gold Award, Flexible Identity, Fonds de Dotation Weiss


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The Weiss property group set up its foundation to provide up-and-coming creatives with a pioneering artist residence. From fleshing out the strategy to designing the visual identity, Be Dandy celebrates what makes the project so unique to give it every chance for success.



An incredible setting that reinvents the artist residence

The idea behind the Weiss Foundation project is to get away from regular sites where artists can be creative and art lovers can see their work. Be Dandy envisaged the game-changing residence alongside classic settings i.e. residences, intense hives of artist activity but with no room for the general public, versus galleries, places where anyone can go but the relationship to the art is often passive and disconnected from the creator.

Be Dandy has thought outside the box to create a symbolic yet physical place and make the Weiss Foundation a space where people can come and go, where people can meet and have a unique artistic experience. It makes the centre an incredible setting where artists can build on their work as well as providing a place where the public can watch creativity in action, meet the artists and soak up their experience.


Put the artist and creativity centre stage

The Weiss Foundation’s impactful and contemporary visual identity echoes its vision: to provide artists and art lovers with a new place to create and experience artworks that bring fine arts into the 21st century.

The logo seals the brand’s place in the contemporary art world with its signature business values: the sans-serif font showcases its contemporary vibe whilst its upper case letters underline its rightful place in a market teeming with long-standing and up-and-coming figures.

The foundation’s classic, dynamic and modern brand identity celebrates its sensitivity and embodies its values. The visual system, like the site, is flexible. It makes you feel like you’re diving into the place, like you can open a window onto the artist’s work and move the lines around.

The structural and open identity puts the artist in the spotlight. Their personality and style shine through the choice of colour backgrounds in their classic portrait photos.


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