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“The event had a huge profile thanks to the much-appreciated work and a huge thumb’s up for the company.”

Cendrine Gabaret Agent de Photographes


We Are Real


Tools conception

The Be Dandy agency has been working on a project for dissemination of art outside of advertising and editorial paths. Short for We Are Real, the WAR project breaks out of the editorial shackles to create an event that exposes the true individuality of each photographer.


Reflecting that idea, The Be Dandy agency designed an elegant and rebellious identity, capable of exposing points of view, playing on spontaneity without an imposed format and embodying the aesthetic sensibility of each individual.
Inspired by Dada collages, the choice of typography combines timelessness and expressiveness.

The name of the event takes on the force of an affirmed declaration, neutral enough to encompass a multiplicity of viewpoints, but powerful enough to embody a committed statement.

Beyond the artistic intentions of the project, the human dimension and ability to mobilise the spectator play a major role. The logo developed by the Be Dandy agency contrasts a model inherited from the American flag, associated with blind globalisation, with the symbolism of the Breton flag, whose codes shared throughout the world show an independence of spirit and the attachment to a free community.

A daring stance underlined by the contrast of black and white, making the collective struggle powerfully evident.
The flag was available in the form of stamps and stickers that artists, agents, visitors, art lovers and professionals could wear and share throughout the evening. A beautiful way to proclaim their identity with pride.

“We worked on several identity projects that were always exactly what I was looking for, the latest was an identity for a WAR event and producing 2 magazines. The event had a huge profile thanks to the much-appreciated work and a huge thumb’s up for the company.”

Cendrine Gabaret, Agent de Photographes – le 20 avril 2021

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