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Brand Strategy

Whether they target the general public, luxury or corporate clients, whether they’re changing the world or selling everyday items, all the big brands are guided by a strategic idea that sets them apart and grounds their leadership. Since our agency started out, we’ve seen brand strategy as an essential springboard to guide the people who create and manage it to success.

The art of brand strategy consultancy

Creating a brand strategy is a sophisticated process that involves both an understanding of its complexity and an intuitive sensitivity.

This kind of project requires in-depth knowledge and expertise in a wide range of subjects (sociology, marketing, philosophy, semiology, art etc.) which feed into the symbolic power and appeal of brands. Then there’s a pragmatic review of the brands’ sector, the state of the market and consumer behaviour.

Consulting on brand strategy is all about gaining an understanding and analysing to begin with. We spend as long as we need to understand who our clients are, challenge their ideas and give them the power to unleash their potential… and we love it.

Our in-depth overview of the environment and brands’ strategic challenges enables us to create strategies that celebrate a company’s in-house assets (culture, values), promote its managers’ vision and align them with the society they exist in.

Whether it be creating a brand or rebranding, every business has different challenges to overcome depending on their maturity. We split our service into three areas so we can tackle these specific challenges: create, transform and enrich our clients’ brands.

Creating a brand

We help entrepreneurs to create their own universes so they can achieve success


We help companies expand and capitalise on their assets to perform better

Enriching a brand

We enrich flourishing brands with ideas, styles and new experiences

The assets of a good brand platform

The sky’s the limit with a creative and relevant brand strategy. Pouring it all into a brand platform gives you a pathway to guide any strategic business decisions and motivate your staff with the same project. It defines the core of your brand, culture, vision and promise to connect to your target market and achieve your goals.
A good brand strategy enables you to:

  • Come to the fore/lead a market
  • Embody a company’s plans in a clear and memorable brand concept
  • Win over the masses with an exciting and inspiring universe
  • Improve the appeal or perceived value of a service and, in turn, willingness to pay
  • Build a community bringing together consumers, partners and employees
  • Recruit and attract top talent
  • Maximise diversification, range expansion or product design strategies

Be Dandy's branding method

Be Dandy’s maieutic take on branding methodology is all about working together.

We take our time talking to our clients, getting to know them and their ideas.

Before we can create your brand strategy, we spend a long time auditing your brand image and analysing your market in terms of marketing, culture and history. We also focus on new forms of consumerism and changes affecting all levels of society (sociology, economy, culture). We move onto designing your brand strategy when our initial research stage comes to an end. Whether it be for a brand platform, brand architecture, storytelling or creating a brand territory, our strategy team produces a clear and concise document to help your managers and employees manage the brand. We also provide brand inductions to introduce the new strategic guide to the entire company and our brand management packages provide support for the first year managing your new strategy.

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