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Luxury businesses are touchstones for brands and have always been idolised by consumers. They are seen as the holy grail and span the ages… but it isn’t always plain sailing. Forgotten, out of favour or dropped for equally incredible but far more affordable experiences, luxury brands face countless challenges and the premium values of the past aren’t always so popular in the present. Be Dandy is a design agency that has specialised in luxury since it started out and is here to restore brands to their former glory, rekindle their expertise and bring the past into the present to showcase long-standing brands.

The art of design for luxury brands

Naturally, design is key to luxury brands. Their bonds with the world of art and crafts opens them up to aesthetics and emotion. That said, too many agencies only see luxury brands as the tools that they make without considering the soul and history of these businesses that have often been around for centuries.
Be Dandy’s approach to luxury design is the total opposite. We listen to the brand, we want to reveal the feats and expertise behind the brand to celebrate what makes it unique. Our painstaking and in-depth work to unveil these big brands’ souls helps us create long-term, timeless and unique strategies and luxury designs that are anything but cliché.

Packaging, product, retail, the different sides to luxury

Reducing a luxury brand to a product would be folly. We live in a time where everything seems to tie into the experience so design agencies need to know how to take a step back from a functional vision of luxury packaging and goods to design unique sensory and spiritual universes.
Aside from its retail value, a luxury brand is based on the symbolic imagination and universe it opens up to its customers. So product and packaging design agencies specialising in luxury brands have to create an immersive universe true to premium brands’ values, history and expertise.
The different elements’ design (packaging, product, retail) makes them more than just buying tools. They capture a real identity and whisk internet users away on a spiritual journey.

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