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Imagine a campaign that draws from Maison Hermès’ DNA to recalls to its collaborators, during lockdown times, the link that unites us all.




Artisanal object



The ephemerality of a “thank you” when one is looking to create a lasting connection. A “thank you” takes the time to say, then disappears.



A means for the « thank you » to remain each day by transforming the thank note into an object that expresses, in its form, in its concept, what unites Maison Hermès’ collaborators.



Keep creating together. As creative artisans, Maison Hermès congratulates its peers in creative community through a playful and specific approach that simultaneously enhances work in their field.

Maison Hermès, along with Be Dandy agency, evokes the idea of creating together, with a pop and mischievous atmosphere that plays around with images and forms to create new realities.

« Stamp your own horse » allows you with stamps to create your own horse, inspired by Gianpolo Pagni’s artworks.


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