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Visual Identity

Coca-Cola’s red, Chanel’s initials, Disney’s font, Apple’s apple… these now legendary graphic symbols reflect the power of design for brands. Inspired by dandies and their boundless creativity, the agency sees visual identity as a field for exploration where the brand’s soul has free rein to express itself.

The art of visual identity design

Brands wouldn’t exist without a visual identity. They would be generic and dull at best, invisible and inconsistent at worst. If you don’t design a visual identity, the very meaning of a brand could be up for debate. Its reach, room for growth, lifetime and resilience could be questioned. So it’s essential to design your visual identity with care.

Visual identity gives brands a unique face that stands the test of time, has a place in people’s hearts and can bring a community together under the same memorable, iconic or game-changing flag. Aside from its age-old function of brand awareness, it brings a brand’s vision and symbolic world to life. It’s the first point of contact with the brand’s audience who fly the flag for its values, its position among competitors and its promises.

Our dedication to attention to detail, in-depth design and intelligent creative concepts enables us to design visual identities that convey both the rational side (identify, differentiate and recognise the brand in any communication media) and the symbolic side (move, inspire, bring a community together in an impactful world with shapes, colours and iconography).

Ready to make a change with a new visual identity?

At Be Dandy, we think everyone should be able to find their own signature to exist and stand out. We want to mould your new visual identity to bring out your brand and be true to it. Unlike visual communication agencies, we work with you to celebrate your brand in the long-term and not in short-lived actions that are soon forgotten.

The visual identities we design are based on three criteria (which should apply to everything really đŸ˜€ ):

  1. Simplicity: an accomplished brand identity should be clear, impactful, fuss-free and only include what matters.
  2. Sensitivity: the visual identity epitomises the brand, its vision and values.

It may fulfil sales objectives but it is run by people

for people so it should convey meaning and emotion.

  1. Durability: an identity isn’t a disposable item. It should be designed, built and seen as long-lasting (a dozen years), untouched by fads and trends.


The assets of a good visual identity

Aside for the essential communication tools that are the graphic charter and logo design, the visual identity is a consistent whole that acts as the glue to bond everything together. A well-designed one can help the brand grow in terms of:

  • raising its profile
  • standing out from the crowd
  • showcasing its position, vision, values and promise
  • being recognisable and identifiable in the long-term
  • bringing together a community of old and new clients
  • improving the perceived value of a service

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