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“Be Dandy demonstrated creativity and daring in the creative proposals they pitched us and we loved it!”

Shaun Nelson Founder of Keeze




Brand strategy

Surprising and diverse typography

By Berthold Wolpe, fused and reworked to create a unique aesthetic
while keeping the stature and rigour of the drawing – for a premiumised and sustainablebrand identity.
The Pegasus font, originally designed by Berthold Wolpe,
is full of surprises. The E and F both have oversized serifs.
The A and H have crossbars of very different thicknesses.
The K and g look a little unhinged and the g boasts a distinctive,
spiky loop. On close inspection,no two serifs in the uppercase letters are of the same shape.

Albertus was modelled to resemble letters engraved in bronze.
It was inspired by Roman characters. The name comes from Albertus Magnus, a 13th-century German philosopher. Albertus is the trademark font of  The Hobbit movies, used in their posters and credits.

Celebrating connection


Imagined around the places’ DNA: the decoration reworked each time to create bespoke, human spaces. Various inspirations: canework, frames, mouldings, repetition of patterns, mix of genres, vegetation…To illustrate the functionality and specific character of each place, and embody the aesthetics of Keeze spaces.

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