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Krug is one of Be Dandy’s long-standing customers and the champagne brand called on the agency to design a unique item: a showcase for the brand archives to celebrate the bond it has had with its Krug European Embassies for almost 200 years.


Maison Krug


Artisanal edition

A travel guide through Europe


Krug takes pride in the bond between it and its Krug Embassies and wanted to showcase the archives that capture their connection: menus, letters, labels, invoices, bills of lading etc. in a heritage item on display during private tours of the family winery in Reims. Be Dandy put a vibrant and modern spin on the brand’s socially rich heritage.

The idea: bring these decontextualised historical documents (facsimiles) together with “more contemporary archives” from recent business within its European Embassies to bring an experience to life that’s as spirited as Krug itself.

A unique handmade heritage item


Be Dandy drew inspiration from the brand founder’s grandson Joseph II Krug’s travel guides to design and make a unique showcase exploring Europe. Sketches and themes created for each region based on recent events and encounters breathe new life into the historical archives.

A voyage through space and time embodied by a bespoke leather binding, drawings, photographic reproductions and general cultural details. The agency sourced unique contemporary or period items to bring the experience to life and capture the vibrant encounters and social events so dear to Krug.

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