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“It was very well-received from the distributor network.”

Chamussy Cecile Director RATP







With a heart that goes around Paris and evokes an optimal user experience. The Be Dandy agency highlighted the simplicity of the metro and the accessibility of points of interest in one tour.  The heart immediately gives the idea of a positive and pleasant experience. Beyond the simple use of transport, it is the promise of a moment, maybe the beginning of a story.

“We had to reinvent our trilingual map for tourists with over a million copies published every year. It required a strong identity for the RATP and had to be instantly understandable for the mainly international tourists using it. The different sections had a successful upgrade, from travel information to business proposals from our partners and start-ups. It was very well-received from the distributor network (metro and RER lines, hospitality network); at the end of the day, a quality product in terms of graphics and colours.”

Chamussy Cecile, Director – February 22nd 2021

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