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Brand Content

No brand can survive without content. What builds the unique bonds we have with our brands is the life of an idea or a logo in an environment or form of media. It’s a key subject at any agency, it’s a contemporary by-product of advertising. Brand content both sculpts and embodies brands; it both enhances and unites brands and their audiences.

The art of brand content

A brand content project often begins with a tool, digital or editorial-related requirement. A brand wanting to launch a website, review or item goes to an agency for help designing it. This “utilitarian” approach is problematic as it often ties into one-off communication issues: the content created, no matter how good it is, isn’t rooted in the brand’s DNA or a long-term strategy to enhance its territory and profile.

At Be Dandy, we address every brand content project based on the ecosystem which the content will live in. First of all we consider the strategic aspect of the process, the target audiences, objectives and most relevant resources to achieve them. We then draw up editorial and creative specifications and design content and materials to embody the brand and create a connection between it and its audience.

Social media = brand content?

Social media is a vital tool for brands to engage their audience and is often seen by agencies as a cornerstone for brand communication. It may be essential but it’s still a tool that has to be built into a global content strategy.

Our agency builds your social media strategies into 360 activation or brand content strategies for your brand. This all-encompassing approach ensures that the content we design is both relevant and effective.

The assets of a branding agency to build brand content

As a brand specialist, a branding agency anywhere in the world is in the best position to transform your content from being a basic communication tool to a springboard for your brand’s growth. Working with a branding agency means:

  • Surpassing the one-off and therefore temporary communication mindset
  • Seeing content strategically and significantly increasing its impact
  • Elevating both the brand’s style and substance
  • Creating stand-out and long-lasting content that elevates the brand image

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