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The ready-to-wear brand, accompanied by the Be Dandy branding agency, reveals its positioning as a collector of emotions and a generous and experiential identity, the incarnation of the Laure+Max Woman




Brand Strategy
Visual identity

The collector of emotions, incarnation of the Woman Laure+Max


In a market of plethora of offers where differentiating yourself is a constant battle, Laure+Max asserts its singularity through historic family textile know-how and a proprietary approach to clothing.
An approach that translates into a strong archetype, the brand’s standard: the collector of emotions.
In line with this warm, positive, generous brand DNA, Be Dandy repositions the collections inspired by the designer’s memories, as so many emotional landscapes that everyone, through clothing, can inhabit.

A generous and experiential identity


Designed as a true experience, the new visual identity of Laure+Max expresses a free and sunny personality, like its collections and the women it inspires.
The Be Dandy agency set out to reincarnate the brand in an impactful and modern logo. Articulated around a “+” which has become a star or ray, the logo combines simplicity with boldness. Its structured roundness and bold typography give generosity to the whole.

Because the Laure+Max woman lives her daily life to the fullest, the brand stages her moments of life and her memories in an iconography of reality: each visual is a lived piece, captured on the fly. These photographs, which overlap and follow one another, immerse us in the hedonism of a hectic life. A wide range of colors, all lively and luminous, accompanies this plurality of sensations.

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